Writing Hacks: Boost Your Traffic For 2013

traffic blogThe  average writing gig these days can earn you as much as $44 by the hour. Given this potential, it is important to have your own site and get traffic that would elevate your name as a legitimate writer online. Building a reputation means building traffic and an audience who looks forward to what you have to say.

If you’ve been writing over the past years but you still can’t get the attention of your preferred readers, then maybe it is time that you implement necessary changes. These necessary changes should shakeup your traffic and even give you leverage in getting hired. The first quarter of the year is the perfect time to go back to the drawing board and assess what you did wrong and what you did correctly over the years.

Copywriters should have a habit of checking what they are doing right and what they are doing wrong. It is important to always stay relative to your readers. If you have been looking for ways on how you can get more cash in your wallet, then here are some ways of how to do it. Copywriting online is an in-demand profession today. The good thing about copywriting is the fact that it is possible to be applied not only to journalists but also to individuals with other trainings.

So are you still wondering why you aren’t getting the attention of the people you write for? If you feel somewhat under appreciated, you need to look into these common mistakes of copywriters:

Mistakes Copywriters Make

1.      Not knowing anything about SEO, social media and the internet in general!

If you want to max out your exposure as a copywriter, gone are the days when you needed to hustle towards publishing houses just to have your idea transmitted to readers willing to pay for what you have to say. This is no longer the case because one, the internet is 100% free. Two, the internet caters to billions of users worldwide. And three, the internet is fast paced and you need to be able to provide them with constant updates.

Do you know just how much information is shared on Twitter or on Facebook? Here are some stats that you’ll want to be aware of:


  • 100 billion connections exist on Facebook
  • 20% of pages viewed came from Facebook users
  • More than a billion users are on Facebook
  • Around 2.7 billion likes generated in a day
  • 425 million mobile users on Facebook


  • 465 million accounts worldwide
  • 175 million number of tweets generated everyday
  • $540 million worth of advertising revenue projected by 2014!

Social media drives the influx of information faster for everyone! Updates can now be read directly fed from pages found in Facebook and from Tweets from your friends.

Other than social media, it is also worth looking at how Google adjusted their algorithm just to meet with the changing times and to provide better internet experience for online users. To cut the long and complex discussion about SEO and what you need to do, you have to make sure that you provide the best content and not be lazy about link building in order get your blog or your site visible on the search engine results.

These facts simply tell you one thing: you need to be involved online – if not, you will be left behind!

2.      Write things that you don’t really know about/refusing to research

You should always be progressive when it comes to new ideas that spring up. You have to keep in mind that new ideas can be the trends of tomorrow. It is important to know these things so you don’t get left behind by your peers in the writing industry.

There are things that you need to spend a couple of hours reading before you can have an open discussion with your audience. To make things easier when it comes to the learning process, you may want to watch videos. Watching videos on YouTube can simplify the research process on any topic under the sun. You have to keep in mind that discerning readers won’t share your content if it is not really worth sharing. And because the value of your content is the first thing you need to worry about, you have to always be your hardest critic. The value of your content will also be based on these following categories:

  • Is it inspiring in any way?
  • Is it informative?
  • Does it tickle my funny bone?

If all the answers are no, then you probably need to revamp not only your writing style but also the information that you create and present to your online audience.

3.      Write things that are passé

We have discussed that the internet today is fast paced. There are a lot of things that you can write about but why stick to just the latest topics? When you have a surge of searches on particular terms, this means you have the opportunity to make all those searches land on your blog or on your site. You have to keep in mind that delivery of fresh content is the key to this. You may have to use tools to collate as much information necessary to have a great write up. Once you’ve become a source of fresh and original content, the better chances that you have to be shared on social media networks. Getting shared on social media marketing websites will have its perks. It could easily boost the SEO ranking plus it could improve your reputation as a writer.

Writing a day too late disables you from getting many backlinks from reputable social media networks and be used by online users on forums. Much like any scoop, you have to be the first to jump into the buffet line!

4.      No blogging/writing friends

Blogging and writing online is not just about talent. It is about building a circle and finding people you can associate with to do business together. Google+, Linked IN, Facebook, and Twitter, among many other networks, are some of the things that you need to look into if you are looking to get as much writing friends and work opportunities.

There are several possibilities that you can venture in to if you have a number of blogging friends! Here’s a list of some of them:

  • Promote your post via their network
  • Be featured as a guest blogger
  • Feature popular bloggers on your blog
  • Get as much from each other’s product affiliates!
  • Get opportunities for online jobs

No man is an island. Let’s accept the fact that it is also applicable even in blogging or in any type of writing. To be a social butterfly in the World Wide Web, go for instant messaging and commenting in order to get the attention of some of the established bloggers out there.

Adjustments That Could Mean Traffic

Note that the adjustments to be discussed are just some of the things that have already been tested by other online marketers. This is not a complete list though. The aim of these adjustments is to get as much traffic as possible to generate more income and garner a better reputation.

1.      Invest in the numbers

People are typically convinced by facts. If you don’t have facts to show people about a claim, they will simply shrug it off as a marketing shizz that you are trying to feed them. There are organizations specializing in providing numbers for anything that you need.

Since numbers can be quite daunting for most readers, it is a good idea to also make use of infographics. Since 2004, people have been looking into infographics. This is the attempt of online users to find an appealing presentation of all the numbers that could have been confusing when brought to the table all together. In recent studies, it has been showed that between posts that make use of texts and those with infographics, the latter is viewed 40 times more than the typical posts with only texts. And if you think that it ends with online users’ preferences? Not really. Since the changes applied by Google to their algorithm, spiders weigh graphics and multimedia stuff on posts positively.

Given the fact that you have 60% of online users classified as visual learners, it is time that you make graphics that you can save on Flickr or any image depository which could then be viewed and even downloaded by your visitors. The depository, however, should always easily be shared and embedded on other people’s content. And lastly, have a watermark of your blog’s name and the site by the bottom.

Though you can easily create aesthetically appealing infographics, the bottom line and the draw remains to be the numbers you will be providing your readers.

2.      Stick to a specific niche

blogging 101Setting boundaries to what you write is a good thing. Know what your forte is and go for this. You have to understand that writing is all about passion and complete understanding of the subject matter. It is easier to be emotionally attached when you have a specific niche you write for. Also, it is easy to have “fun” in the process.

Of course, why write when no one is really reading your posts? Traffic is not built solely on visitors who just happened to discover your site by accident. It is now a matter of getting regular readers. When you have a specific niche to work on, this simply means you can develop a regular following from those people interested in such topics. Creating original content attracts people with similar interests as you.

So how do you determine what niche is the best for you?

If you have several interests, you might as well look to the mainstream media at what they are discussing right now. Look into the news and learn a thing or two about what is in demand. If it interests you, why not write about it? Also, talk to younger people to know what they really like. If it fits your personality to discuss anything about Justin Bieber, why not mention him in your posts?

If you are after profits, you want to be informative. Most individuals look into the World Wide Web in order to get information for several topics.  Teaching someone how to earn a dollar or two from blogging, for instance, is one of the best ways of how you can earn money from the World Wide Web.

Of course, always look into the trends. There are a lot of tools that you can use in order to get the latest trends and the latest news. Google Trends and Alert are two sites that you can use for free in order to gain an infinite amount of information among the things that you love to discuss online.

3.      Tell them who you are

The latest authorship snippet from Google not only allows followers to look into all of your written entries, it also allows you to own the articles that you have posted online. According to Google, it doesn’t affect the search engine rankings at all. But, of course, it affects the attitude of your readers. If you refuse to have a Google+ account to make authorship function easier, it is always suggested to take your time making a page meant for “About Me” or “About Us”.  Having a Facebook account widget on a blog is a good way to be noticed as the author of the blog.

There are perks to being known as an author online. Here are some of them:

  • Get freebies from reviews you write
  • Earn money from freelancing gigs
  • Get media exposure
  • Improve your reputation online


4.      Schedule the posts

There are days that you have the fire to work 3 or more long articles for your blog. If you have spare articles, it is important to schedule the posts. You don’t want to flood your blog with a couple of posts today and be forced to have a drought in the following weeks! It is also preferred to have long posts in order to get the attention of spiders. In fact, according to studies, 2000 words and up can spike your visibility in the search engines in contrast to the 500 word articles. But, as a bit of advice, never beat around the bush since this will only prevent users from sharing your post.

A blogging schedule also enables your readers to develop a habit. Have you seen magazine subscriptions that publications drop at your address? The same goes with the scheduled posts – be able to develop expectations from your readers.

5.      Have a plan to become a pro

Who wants to remain stuck with a .wordpress or a .blogspot web address? You have to keep in mind that it is important to have an insight for your blog. A plan to be a pro means more traffic and more options either to monetize or to bring in more perks for you as a blogger.

If you don’t want to invest in a blog’s traffic in order to sell products, you can always make use of these written entries as part of your resume. Going with Odesk, Fiverr, Freelancer and other freelance sites involve tough competition. Given a high traffic blog, this just goes to show how you can perform as a copywriter for a company or for another blog.


Once you decide to put up original content online, it is all about improvement and becoming the best writer. Since the internet is populated by a great number of online users and content providers, it is important to realize how difficult it is to stay relative.

Knowing the mistakes that you can easily commit as a copywriter, you have to make sure that you realize these things whenever you are evaluating your site. The question of not having traffic is based on things that you can adjust. It is not luck that brought traffic to bloggers that have established a name for themselves. It lies in the integral reason that they offer something that specific audiences want to read.

Does it take a long time to implement all the necessary changes? Not all changes will take you months. Given the access that people have today, adjustments can be brought by experts. It is not a bad idea to hire SEO experts, social media marketing gurus and even invite guest bloggers to renovate what needs to be changed on your blog.

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