Optin Skin Review: How to Simplify Lead Generation

Opt in skinA number of businesses remain in survival mode after the 2008 economic crisis. Fortunately, the internet has become the last platform for many companies with dwindling budgets. One of the most important things that every company should consider is their market base. Whatever market you are involved in, it is important to have that vital list of email contacts that you could notify anytime you have promos and other updates. And despite the popularity of Facebook, social media and other modern internet marketing trends, email marketing remains a crucial part of today’s internet marketing. From Solo Ads to Ad Swaps, a great number of companies invest much of their time, effort and budget to acquire a list of email addresses that are so vital to their company’s success and survival in the niche.

The thing with email marketing is that it is also popular in order to generate traffic onto a site. Given that the lifeblood of websites populating the worldwide web is the amount of relevant visitors, email marketing is an important and potential tool to keep people interested what you are offering.

Before you consider email marketing, it is a good idea to first approach how you can actually get email addresses. A tricky part of the lead generation process is utilizing opt-in forms that gather the email addresses of your visitors. When used correctly, it makes it possible to market products and services directly to customers. Some companies offer freebies like ebooks and, at times, various discounts just to convince people all they need to do is to enter their email address!

So is it really enough to have just an opt-in? There are a lot of things that come to mind when opt-in plug ins are discussed. What is your call to action? What is the color scheme of your site’s design that could elicit your ideal reaction from both new and regular visitors? Most website owner’s design and hardcode opt-ins on their sites in order to get the email address of their target audience. Not only is this messy, but it also takes a lot of skill!

What if there is an alternative to this option? Between building your own codes and instant plug ins that you can install on your WordPress site, the latter looks more attractive in so many ways. Now, here is where Optin Skin comes into the picture. Developed over the past few months or so, this plug in is a definite game changer for anyone facing traffic or sales concerns.

Here are a few reasons why you might be interesting in learning more about this product and then reading the review that follows:

  1. Opt-ins help boost your traffic and your sales. Whatever it is you are offering on your site, this can prove to be a useful tool in your presence on the World Wide Web!
  2. As effective but not as invasive as the Pop Up Ads, it actually works for its users!
  3. It is flexible to make it jive with whatever your needs are.

Now let’s get to the review.

Optin Skin Review

Priced roughly around $50, this premium WordPress plug in is a great buy for serious contenders on the World Wide Web. Basically, it allows you to place your opt-in anywhere in the site. This means that you can place it in the beginning, middle or the last part of your posts.

To track which part is most effective for your site, you can check the conversion rate of each location. This way, you determine the best part of your blog that could translate to a sale, or which part gives you more emails.

How Does it Work?

Make Your Own Aesthetically Appealing Opt In…EASY!

Is this easy to use? Well, given the nature of Optin Skin to be easily manipulated, yes, it is pretty much easy to use as well as flexible. The makers of the Optin Skin Review are aware of just how important the color combination of the opt-in should be. Call to actions should be visible alongside the other graphics that prove to be aesthetically pleasing to the eyes of the users.  What they did for this plug-in is they allowed the users the freedom to tweak according to their liking.

OptIn Skin review customize design

OptIn Skin review customize design

OptIn Skin review design options

OptIn Skin review design options

It is also possible to opt for an email provider like Mailchimp, Aweber or free FeedBurner. Also, these plug in’s allow you to have users go to a specific page once they have signed up their email address.

Can Be Placed in Different Locations

Also, with just a few clicks, you can adjust where you want the plug in to appear – whether in the middle of the posts or more than likely at the beginning. Everything is going to be your call.

OptIn Skin review form placement

OptIn Skin review form placement

Effects to Add to Appeal

Ok, have you ever thought how cool it would be for your opt-in to have the slick effects that are screaming, “Leave your email here!” (cause I know you want it)? If so, this plug in enables you to have a fade in opt-in after a few seconds.


If you are clueless about which type of plug in will yield better results and where, then all you need to do is test and optimize it – which is conveniently built in with this plug in! So is your $47 not worth it? We are guessing that this is one of the best investments to make for a blog or a site that is seeking a captured audience to discuss new deals and discounts.

OptIn Skin review split testing

OptIn Skin review split testing

Given the cost of designing and testing the opt-ins all on your own, the Optin Skin is a great product for you. A surefire money saver that works for your internet marketing strategies, you’ll be more than happy that you have installed this on your WordPress blog or site.

We know how hard it is to accomplish everything on your own – from the code to the design to the split testing. If you are someone who is just starting on the World Wide Web and wants everything simplified, then I think we are on the same page. So far, it is very useful for everyone regardless of their experience on the World Wide Web. Because of its price and numerous features, I couldn’t help but recommend this product to everyone.

This plug in is going to be your lead generation buddy, only simplified! If there is one thing that the Optin Skin has proven to us bloggers is that there is a way to get the results you need without the micromanagement of your own codes and design.

You can buy now OptIn Skin: Click here to buy.

If you use my link I will earn few dollars thanks to OptIn Skin affiliate program. It will help me to buy and review other interesting programs and WordPress plugins.

Review of lead generating WordPress plugin OptInSkin
Date Published: 02/02/2013
OptInSkin is WordPress plugin which will help you to build email list much faster. Big advantage of this plugin is split testing which allow you to test almost every aspect for best results.
5 / 5 stars


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  1. I have been looking at ways to build my email subscribers list. I think that I have a nice email capture form in my sidebar, and after my posts. I even offer a free seo report for those that sign up to my list. Yet I do not get many people who sign up. Not as many as i think I should anyway. Maybe if I purchase Optskin, it will convert better for me.
    Larry James recently posted..Five Reasons You Need A Simple Design For Your BlogMy Profile

  2. Hi Larry,

    try to add report cover, and split test it. From my experience, a lot of traffic is needed to get list signups, but it’s worth it.
    Rich Blogger recently posted..Amazon $20 Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

  3. Hi bro,
    Thanks for this review. I have a free lightbox plugin on my blog now but I’m sure that’s far from the worth of optin skin. I’ll consider this into more details by the end of this month

    Have a nice week
    Enstine Muki recently posted..Giveaway! $75 Paypal Hot Cash! Enter To Win!My Profile

  4. Thanks for sharing your ideas/review, i liked your post.
    See you around bro. Take care.
    Jay recently posted..What is Neobux? What makes Neobux different from other PTC sites?My Profile

  5. Thanks for the review. Optin Skin is not an option – it is a must have. Will be getting one soon.
    Paul recently posted..Do You Make These Mistakes When Writing How-To Posts?My Profile

  6. I really like this plugin, shame it’s premium :/ thanks for sharing anyway!
    Siegfried recently posted..WordPress functions for beginners – part IIMy Profile

  7. Thanks for sharing this information :)
    Technology News recently posted..Lava Xolo A 1000 Phablet Reviews and specificationsMy Profile

  8. Thanks for the great review, I run a couple of blogs and have tried a number of different opt-ins options. This sounds like it makes the all important split testing simple and easy.
    Elisa recently posted..Make Your Own Photo Book OnlineMy Profile

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