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As some of my readers know I was working for last two months (Income Report for December 2012, Income Report for January 2013) on a new service for bloggers which would allow them to promote blog posts without having a big, fat mailing list. Few days ago I have ended main development tasks and decided to release Open Beta version. You can register, but there is only 100 spots. To keep the work organized, I have decided to open registration only for 100 bloggers (90 at the moment of writing this article).

Why you need it?

If you are not one of the power bloggers with 100000 followers on Twitter or 10000 big mailing list, this service can be interesting for you. BlogPromoList builds big fat list of bloggers to promote their content. Once a day BPL sends an email to all members, it’s like you have your own big mailing list. Each member, to gain points needed to promote his own content, reads posts of other bloggers and answers questions. And this is what makes BPL different from other services for bloggers. There is this interaction trigger which makes people actually read your content! Not only share/vote & forget. To answer questions people need to read or at least scan promoted posts. What it means for you? When people read, they are forced to focus. If your content is good quality, you can expect, thanks to this, a lot more subscribers, lower bounce rate, more comments, more Facebook fans and Twitter followers.

How to use it?

Take a look at this short video describing how to use the BPL service:

You can register here. If you use a standard or Twitter registration and you don’t receive the confirmation email, check the spam folder. The Facebook registration works fastest and doesn’t need any extra actions. Next, when you finish with the registration, you can log in. Now, I will describe how to actually use this service:


Promote a blog main

After log in you will this screen. It’s a main dashboard. Here you can find out when the next mailing will be send, how many points you have and how many posts you have already promoted. There are also links to forum and contact form. Don’t hasitate to use those, I’m checking few times every day if there are any messages so if you will have any problem we will solve it quickly.

Blog promotion today's posts

In Today’s posts you can see which and in what order posts will be send in mailing. We send only one mailing a day, so having a good position is crucial. To obtain a good position in mailing you can add your post with greater amount of points. For example, if you would add post with 101 points, it would be at the top of the list you can see above. Better position in mailing means more clicks for your link. Now, how to add your own post to promote:

blog add post to promote

The most tricky in this form is the question and answer. It’s something totally different from what you have seen in other services. The question must be related to your post, for example, if there is some number used in your post you can ask “How big is the number X?”. This is good kind of question, or more simple “What is the first word in the post title?”. Remember, the question and answer is not a questionnaire. Reader needs to be able to write exact the same answer you have wrote in the form. After filling all fields in the form, click “Add Post” button and your post will be scheduled for sending with the next mailing. Before mailing is send, you can see your post in the “Today’s posts” or in the “My Posts” as on the screenshot below:

 my posts advertise

Plans for future

BlogPromoList soon will have some more great features:

  • a possibility to earn points for promoting your own content
  • a possibility to promote post for few days in the row, without need to log in each day and add the post again
  • an option to add a post already promoted as a new without filling form again
  • a social media feature – posting to Twitter, Facebook
  • an affiliate program


BPL have some unique features which other services for bloggers don’t have and is still under heavy development. What more, you can be a part of it. If there is any feature you need to promote your blog, just contact me and I will implement it into BPL. For every help like features ideas, problem reports I reward members with points, so they can better promote their content. For sure there is a long way to make this service a fully powerful platform for bloggers, but the earlier you start working with us to achieve this goal, the more benefits you will receive with time. Join now and send me a message about what you think about this new service. You can register here.

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  1. Thank you for this informative post. Very well written and I enjoyed reading it. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks for sharing about this awesome service. Surely I’ll give a try.
    Lakhyajyoti recently posted..Things to do in Shanghai, ChinaMy Profile

  3. will surely try it to promote my blogs and get traffic :)

  4. This looks really interesting thank you I’ve just finished my site and need a boost to get me up there this tool sounds like it could help me – content promotion is king

  5. it’s new site. let’s see what is the benefits i get from this site.

  6. This looks like an interesting concept you are putting up. I’m in for a trial.
    Thanks for thinking positively to help bloggers
    Enstine Muki recently posted..How To Get 1000 Visits A Day From Facebook Groups!My Profile

  7. here looks a innovative future for blog thanks for sharing
    Gajendran Megajolla recently posted..Blogging Tips for BeginnerMy Profile

  8. Good overview. I signed up about 2 weeks ago and truthfully, forgot about it.

    I wondered, are the members here also likely to be on other blogging help websites? And if you find that to be so, is this helpful or not?

    Thanks – good post.

  9. Great idea, thanks for the effort. Will give it a go and see how it works. Again, thanks for creating something that is a help to others.
    Stephen recently posted..How to Get MLM Leads Hangout Tonight!My Profile

  10. Chris Trak says:

    Love the look of this blog……….

  11. Always up for trying another service like this. Do you know yet of any big bloggers using it?

    Stacey recently posted..SMX London – Discount Code and Agenda!My Profile

    • You may be the first one :) . Seriously, this service is functioning great and I’m working hard to improve it every single day. The only thing which I haven’t done so far is marketing. So the answer for your question is no, mainly, I suppose because they don’t know about it ;) .
      Rich Blogger recently posted..Amazon $40 Gift Card GiveawayMy Profile

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